Contact us if...

  • You want to schedule a talk in Sri Lanka or the U.S.

  • You are a student in Sri Lanka and want to volunteer to work with us.

  • You are a student from elsewhere looking for graduate research opportunities. Please READ BELOW first!

  • You are a teacher anywhere looking for Asian elephant resources.

  • You have concrete ideas for collaboration in research or conservation.

  • Research Opportunities

    We want to foster research and education partnerships with scientists from all over the world. If you are student interested in doing research on elephants at Uda Walawe, please consider the following carefully first before submitting an inquiry:

  • We do not currently offer paid research positions. You must be self-funded.

  • Projects under 3 months are generally too short in which to do a proper field study on elephants. Masters or Ph.D students with a minimum of 3 months, but preferably 6 months - 2 year time commitments are preferred unless a clearly articulated and self-contained project is proposed.

  • Research that would be conducted inside the park will require initial contact one year to six months in advance of the anticipated study period in order to a) discuss your project b) obtain the necessary permits, visa etc. Please do not submit requests with only a few months of time to prepare.

  • Accommodations at the field station are limited, particularly from May-August. A flexible schedule will help. The cost for staying at the field station varies.

  • There are no volunteer opportunities for research inside the park, although occasionally there may be opportunities to assist in human-wildlife conflict work outside the park.

  • If you have considered all of the above, and are still interested in research opportunities, please email the following items:

    • A one-page proposal

    • A one-page description of your background, experience, and a timeline for your study

    • Your CV

    • 2 letters of reference (preferably emailed directly by your references).

    Thanks for your interest.

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